need comment for signal quality
(2017-07-19, 13:36)allsorts Wrote: Is one of those ferrites vertical? As I understand it they both ought to be horizontal.  I have 3 loops, 2 vertical and 1 horizontal the horizontal loop produces a very different siganl to the vertical ones, much like your first channel. Note: Loops operate "opposite" to ferrites.

I hope you used something like self amalgamting tape to make the antenna assembly, ordinary insulation tape won't keep the damp out, don't forget the free end either. Being creative with solvent weld plastic waste water pipe and fittings, T peice, stop ends and access caps may be better, have search for what others have done for ideas.

Dear Dave,

they both horizontal, do I have to place one in vertical and other is horizontal? and attaced Taype is normal electrical used tape, thank again for support I will do some modification,

regards/ Coskun
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