Station 1888 near Bear Creek NC Online
(2017-07-03, 23:30)allsorts Wrote: You can also see Vin, Vref, and the GPS 1 PPS signal by selecting the relevant one and clicking Start in the "Signal Tools" box on the "Signals" page. It's advisable to turn off the Auto scalingand set the Y voltage scale to 80 - 100%.

TBH I'm not sure where the Vin is being measured. My status page has "Input Volatge" at 4.92 V but Vin on the signals page is 4.65 V.

Thanks allsorts.  I'm seeing 4.96V on the status page and like you say, 4.6V on the internal scope.  Do you know if the scope can be used to look at noise signals without the system in measure mode?  I thought it was more of a test feature to inject signals rather than look for noise sources. 

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