techical details, proceedures, data formats
(2017-07-09, 11:40)davidsaroff Wrote: 1. What is the testing procedure for a newly constructed blue?
2. Does the blue serve a web page, and how is it seen?
3. How do we register new blue stations?
4. How do we provide IP addresses for the return lightning location solution data stream?
5. How do we indicate SKASA server IP addresses so we can program our own solution algorithms?
6. What are the data formats of the data streams?

7. Are there engineers among the participant community who would be willing to skype with us to answer these sorts of questions in real time?

1. Check if everything powers up and communication between the pre-amplifier boards and the controller.
2. Blue has a webserver that is available on the LAN.
3. On the firmware status page, there is a link to register a new user account.
4. Data is obtained throught http requests to blitzortung servers.
5. Lightning calculation is only done on blitzortung's servers, there is no alternative.
6. json
Stations: 252, 733, 1440, 2601

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