Newly assembled System Blue problems
It looks like it's trying to boot but failing and entering a reboot loop. I don't think it's normal for the blue GPS led to start brighter than the others on power up and drop in level a few seconds later. It's difficult to tell but it also looks like it rebrightens a bit just before the two green and blue LEDs go off and the long beep happens. The status LEDs are all fed from pins on the CPU via current limiting resistors so any variation in brightness indicates that the associated pin is not static at "0" or "1" but is switching rapidly between the two states.

Most of the components you have to solder in only fit in one place on the PCB, an exception being the two crystals. Have got those in the right places? The 25 MHz one near the ethernet chip and the 8 MHz one near the CPU. Failing that have a very close inspection (on both sides of the board) in the region of the CPU for solder bridges, badly flowed joints etc.

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RE: Newly assembled System Blue problems - by allsorts - 2017-07-16, 09:18

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