Newly assembled System Blue problems
Worth checking the crystals easy mistake. Looking at your board photo the reset/boot switches looked square, they are but the pin out isn't. Another long shot have you pressed each button a few times? Just in case one is stuck. Nothing a miss on the other side of the board, no solder splashes?

Does the GPS LED near the GPS Rx module ever light up or start winking? It's hard to tell from the video. Just been up into the loft to video my systems boot sequence which is:

Power up: Lo beep, Pwr, Mod, Net, GPS front panel (Fp) leds on.
Very quickly changes to: Pwr, Flt, Alm on.
1 second.
GPS Rx led starts to wink on/off.
1/2 second.
Pwr, Flt on.
Hi beep.
Pwr, Mod, Net on, GPS Rx continues to wink.
Hi beep.
A second or so later the GPS Rx LED stops winking.
Up to a minute then GPS Fp LED starts to flash and signals are sent to server.

Note that my very brief (just a few video frames) initial LED pattern is the same as yours but your system doesn't switch to Pwr, Flt, Alm. If you have a TTL to serial/USB convertor a boot log ought to be available from controllers serial port.

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