Newly assembled System Blue problems
Station 1918 is online!  Big Grin

Today I had planned to do some investigations using the log obtained via the serial port. To my surprise, however, the board seemed to function normally when powered via the serial port, and no suspicious messages were displayed in the terminal. So, I thought the problem must be power-related. Thus I tried a 2A power supply, with the same result - endless reboot. Then, measuring the voltage at the USB mini plug... surprise: 2.8V. I looked around in the junk box and found a short (~50cm) cable and it works just fine: the board gets 4.92V.

Here's my brand new 1.5m USB A - USB mini B cable, which was causing the problems:

I was then able to access the web interface, create my account, update the firmware to 8.2 and connect the station to the network. Now I'll have to see what the next steps are, what else needs to be configured, and find a permanent location for the station; but for now, I'll just leave it where it is and pat myself on the back. Tongue

My sincere thanks to everyone who helped me with ideas for troubleshooting!


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