Reactivating an old Green PCB 6.8 USB - troubles
(2017-07-19, 13:20)allsorts Wrote: Good news, what was the problem? Mind you 2 signals in 40 mins when european activiity is quite high isn't wonderful but I don't know what the expected range of a red system is. The activity is the other side of France from Portugal, other red stations in Portugal have a few hundred signals each. Last signal 1237 UTC (it's 1317 UTC as I tye) but listed as "running".

I was testing it only. But now, i am testing it in the definitive place. Let's see.

But i have a problem. In that place, my internet has a firewall that i can't configure... and it is blocking the tracker from sending data to the blitzortung server. I need to know what is the port it is using or the remote adress of blitzortung, to unlock it. Anybody knows it?

And in my tracker monitor, i also have this:

[Image: 19989515_1475399235832687_58601732888616...e=59F7FB16]

Is this "good" or "bad"?
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