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Hi Members,

I'm new and want to find out if there is any experience with export regulations. I'm thinking about building up a system and shipping it afterwards to friends in India that are doing hard to assemble a divice but would be able to operate it. Is it possible to export a device e.g. to india easily? Are the parts or the complete product "safe" or will it be treated as a critical device and blocked at the customs?

Any info is appreciated.

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Hi Michael, Thanks for being willing to help with the hobby by building a board set for enthusiasts elsewhere.

You didn't say where you were, USA I assume from your English?

If so, I would call the post office (where I took a board to ship back to Germany) and they might have more information but the ultimate authority of course would be customs.  I don't have an exact answer, but you might find leads here:

Good luck and keep the network growing!
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(2017-07-25, 23:36)Dale.Reid Wrote: ...
You didn't say where you were, USA I assume from your English?

Hi Dale.Reid,
thanks for the fish, I'm located in Germany :-)
The post office might nevertheless be a good tip. Thanks.
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Generally there is a customs form clearance you need to complete.

But after a quick search, India seems to be very strict with imports.

Maybe you could also ask your friend.
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as the station finally reached India I want to tell the way we did it. I gave it to a friend that traveled to India by plane. But before ...

I was searching a couple of things that are allowed to be exported from Germany and imported to India. As it was a gift with a limited value this was not a problem with the official authorities. I only had some doubts if they trust my story. It's forbidden to ship military things or devices that could be used to either disturb other communications or listen to them. That was one concern because antennas are involved. Also communication device seemed to be critical. So I added a lot of material to show what it is made for. I also added several copies of the documents I was supposed to fill out when sending it as a parcel.

Second issue was that it was transported by plane. I removed some screws, so that everybody could have a look into the device. Just in case the x ray scanner did not look through that.

The funny thing was that my friends bag was marked with some chalk when he got it. He removed the chalk before going through the final check point. It seems this solved the remaining questions Big Grin . So in the end, I have no glue if the documents would have been accepted or not.
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I would assume they mean radios that can jam military frequencies and intercept encrypted military communications.

I say this as there are Amateur Radio operators in India and they import radio equipment for the hobby.

I would not think there could be import issues.
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