Interested in setting up a station - Questions
2 hours "up and running" well yes as bare board on the bench top or in the custom case if you bought one. Construction of H-field antennas mounting them and protection of the preamp (depending on its location indoors/outdoors). Ferrites are quicker and easier than loops. Weather protection and mounting of the E-field preamp/antenna. Finding a place for the controller possibly casing and mounting it, running the cables etc. Cumulative time is a few days IMHO but of course that can be broken down into shorter tasks spread out over a much longer period.

The system is not "plug 'n play" and there can be a fair amount of design (even if just adapting what others have done) and construction work required. It's all this stuff that makes the projecct fun. Where's the fun in just buying a box, fitting and connecting a few pre-built units with all the cables and mounting bits supplied and switching on?

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