Interested in setting up a station - Questions
(2017-08-04, 18:30)John.Sacrey Wrote:
(2017-08-04, 18:22)opadavis Wrote: I discovered that a PC needs to be on and processing continuously to keep the station running. People considering starting a station should be told this. Perhaps this is in the literature and I just missed it.

This is incorrect. The system is completely self-contained with its own webserver. My Red system is plugged directly into my router and does not have a computer connection at all. I access the web server via my computers' browser.
My Blue is connected through ethernet cable to router also. When I connect to the controller through its IP address and adjust some settings, I get lightning signal flashes on the front of controller panel. When I put computer to sleep or turn it off, the flashes stop. So I assumed that communication to Blitzortung servers had also stopped. So far my station has not sent many signals that were used; I need to focus on my antennas and location.

I would be happy if I did not need the computer on, John. Please tell me how.

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