Public API ~ sponsor proposal.

I'm a member of the Academic Computer Society LUDD at the Luleå University of Technology in northern Sweden, and we really like what you guys are doing.

As far as I can tell, your service doesn't seem to have have a public API. I am guessing that the reason for that is because you don't have the funds. We've talked a bit and all agree that as we have some idle hardware, we would love to help you out with free hosting and bandwidth. Our members would also love to help developing the interface, if it comes to that.

No strings attached here, we just want to help you guys make your data more easily accessible for non-profit developers and researchers. Note that this wouldn't be a strict requirement; we're happy to just provide hosting for you.

Best regards,

I'd like to see a public API for some smart-home fun! Smile
If everything goes public then there is no reason to join the network anymore.

This community is based on exchanging data. Your station provides raw signals and you get computed strikes in exchange.
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I disagree
I believe in the interest of my students (FullSail University, Florida, USA) I am trying to explain how to use "Useful" api calls/requests for their applications (Mobile Development, Professor). I joined up because I am a contributor, and use the data for experimental algorithms similar to the Goes R GSLM (Geostationary Lightning Mapper) since 2012 where Lockheed Martin is trying to predict the outcome of dangerous weather in relationship to dangerous lightning prior to the occurance of the event (Lightning Fires, Public Safety, etc). As a double sealed (AMS and NWA) Meteorologist since 1991 I would love to present this data api to our students and give them a real sense of what it means to build something beyond a game.
Thank you for your consideration.
Eric Wilson
(2018-01-13, 06:28)Cutty Wrote: Please keep in mind, Blitzortung is for Blitzortung Participants First,
regardless of any 'other' interested parties. Any access or connections
that could interfere with Operator experience , and especially
the ability of our server and processing platforms to function, at times
under extremely high data and connection rates
, cannot be available publicly.

Here's the general policy, as it currently exists, for any data usage:
(From )
Quote:Our real-time and archived data can also be used for external projects.
  • The project may not represent commercial interests.
  • It must be of general interest for the participants of
  • It must be different from existing projects. Do not just reimplement other projects. Do not setup yet another visualization of online data.
  • All applications that use our data must be freely accessible.
  • The source of the data must be clearly identified.
  • The operator must prevent any possible misuse of the data provided, as far as this is possible.
The applications (web sites, apps, ...) have to retrieve their data from a separate server and not from the servers of All data remain under the CC-BY-SA 4.0 license.

As for any 'full API' availability, No, not presently, and is unlikely ever to be available.

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