SOLVED: Identifying interference with oscilloscopes and software-defined radio
I recorded a bit more since last post. Keep in mind that you are seeing the spectrum between DC and 120 kHz.

10 hours of recording through the night:
[Image: WlwUPTI.png]

Another 10 hours from the daytime:
[Image: pNlYHpB.png]

There are lots of interesting signals here, in my opinion:
  • Both images: There is broadband interference across the spectrum periodically.
  • Both images: There is a signal that sometimes appears and drifts slowly from low 60 kHz range to steady-state above 70 kHz. Maybe this is some sort of thermal effect inside the interfering device?
  • Both images: The signals at 25 and 60 kHz are very strong and still present all the time.
  • Both images: There is a strong signal at 45 kHz that comes and goes.
  • Second image: There is a broadband interferer between 8 and 15 kHz that occasionally appears.

I'm not sure what to conclude...

The next time I am away from the apartment, I plan to shut off every circuit breaker, except for the one powering my laptop and Blitzortung receiver. Maybe some of these strange signals will disappear. If not, I probably need to look outside my apartment.

Also, maybe I should make a 5V battery backup for my Blitzortung receiver, then pray for a neighborhood-wide power outage.  Angel  I could get a lot of interesting data then!

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