SOLVED: Identifying interference with oscilloscopes and software-defined radio
(2017-08-12, 23:01)JupiterJoe Wrote: This is all so interesting. I'm afraid it's above my level of brain power! (So far, but I'm trying to learn!)
I do have a new guy question though. On so many stations, mine included, I always see a large 1khz spike(shown on Richo's attachments). What is that caused from, if known?
Thank you all for so much information! Smile I do love learning about this.

Keep learning! I have a master's degree in electrical engineering, and that helps a lot with understanding certain parts  of this project. However, there are very many things I learned just by fiddling around and tinkering. There is nothing quite like actual hands-on work. And learning by doing is fun.

To answer your question about the large spike at 1 kHz to DC, I'm not exactly sure, but I think it is just an artifact of how the Fourier transform works. I see the same thing in other scenarios and don't even pay any attention to it anymore..

Edit: The lowest frequency bin in an FFT calculation is just the mean (DC) value of the signal. In our case here, it's not actually important.

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