New Station Registration Questions
Tobi, et al.... just to close the loop on this deal. Apologize, my life got really "interesting" in September before I figured this one out...

Here's the deal... the "issue" is on MY end. ALL of my email addresses run through MY server at a COLO center... Because of the nature of some of my clients, I run an extremely secure server as far as IP addresses.... ANY attempt to hack my server from an IP address, and the ENTIRE ISP's IP address range is banned until I receive a response from the ISP addressing the hacking... Usually there is no response.

It would appear that the IP addresses being used by Blitzortung have been swept up in this practice. And I have tried to add the ones I was provided to the "allow" and "ignore" list".... Never found the right ones.

So, I have changed my email for the Project and Forums to my gmail addy.... Not ideal but it works...

Unfortunately, that means I will likely get passed over whenever either of my emails comes back up on the kit wait list... Sad
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