Compatible System Blue Optional SMA Connectors
Definitely NOT a trivial exercise... I bought some Johnson- Cinch Connectivity connectors whose drawing indicated were 0.040" legs and 0.200" pitch, which SHOULD have fit....
They did NOT fit... legs too big... Turns out the diameter is actually approximately 0.059"!!!

So I tried to order the LPRS part and pay the extra $20 freight from the UK.... showed 100 in stock... 25 October ship date... apparently someone else bought all Farnell had and the US stock level indicator hadn't "caught up".

I am now trying yet another part... Multicomp made, 0.040" leg and 0.201" pitch according to the drawing...

There should be a STRONG WARNING that says, buy from us if you want these, because it's a Royal Pain in the Arse to "Do It Yourself" for this part. Smile
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