Determining lightning polarity (positive or negative) by raw signal processing?
Hello, my name is Oana Liviu from Romania and I am currently operating the station number: 951 from Resita, Romania (system RED).

It is well known that if you use two perpendicular antennas, if you position them to N-S/W-E and you wire them correctly, you can get an estimate of the direction of the strike by processing the raw signal data (see attached image). This can be acheived by calculating the arctangent of the ratio between the signals coming from each antenna among some other calculations.

Let's say that one is able to determine a relatively correct direction of the signal.

My question is: if the calculated direction by the means posted above is somewhat the opposite of the real direction (the strike is located to the south-west, but the calculation yields a north-east direction), that means that that strike have a positive polarity? Considering the calculations have been correctly done?

I am considering some experiments based on this and I want to know if I'm heading in the right "direction".

Thanks Wink

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Determining lightning polarity (positive or negative) by raw signal processing? - by ThunderStorm - 2017-08-20, 17:12

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