Antenna - The never ending story
(2019-08-29, 16:37)allsorts Wrote:
(2019-08-28, 18:46)mwaters Wrote:
(2017-08-25, 09:08)RichoAnd Wrote: ... A piece of brake pipe ...

Please, exactly what is brake pipe?

"Brake pipe" is unknown here in North America. If you mean the hydraulic tubing used for automotive brake lines, it is all steel here.

Steel the world over for fixed brake lines I should imagine. Copper is rather soft... It maybe "coppered" to try and avoid corrosion problems.

Thanks, that sounds logical, Dave. I was thinking that perhaps they use hard-drawn copper (or a copper alloy) with a thick wall.

But I kind of question its conductivity due to the possibility that most of the 16 kHz ELF signal would likely be flowing through the steel underneath the outer copper coating. But @RichoAnd is pretty expert on this sort of thing.
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