new user - some questions
Hi I am new here and need to ask a couple of questions

there is specific distance where to install The Magnetic antenna (h-field) and the system housing?
and the ferrite antennas can be placed in a plastic tubes?  

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Pretty much get the loops away from computers, monitors, power supplies, etc. They say they can be up to 30 meters. Basically, look for no noise in the waveform monitor.

That said, your station looks like it's not getting a whole lot of signals. Not common given that you have the gain pretty high. So, I have to wonder if you maybe soldered the jumpers intended for if you use a loop antenna. That greatly reduces the input impedance which would make ferrites not work well. Right now, as I look, there's a fair amount of lightning in your area when I looked, so station should be sending signals, and definitely noise being the gain is cranked.
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Hi Bobw,

Thanks mate, antenna wasn't connected yet. now it's ok. any feedback re signal and strokes is welcome Smile
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Hi fmuscat, I have reported and asked about this type of oscillation in another post, but your signal has it too.
No one has yet replied, to that post, so it may not be anything to worry about.
Here is a picture of what I see when I check your latest signal.
Hope that this is of some use.

Are talking about the very high frequency looking noise? That is the server filling in the gaps from compression.
Kevin McCormick KB0UOI
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Thank you Kevin, As I said I had already asked about that oscillation and no one had yet replied.

Brian. 1935
(2017-08-30, 00:11)readbueno Wrote: Thank you Kevin, As I said I had already asked about that oscillation and no one had yet replied.

Brian. 1935

Brian, where did you post that query? I can't seem to locate it???
Kevin is correct. That is a server-side implementation, not always activated, the compressed sections aren't used by the server...
this is discussed and answered in many places ion this forum, but I cannot find the post you refer to that hasn't been replied...


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Very low signal, not used, and "shaded out" , a service to show you whitch part of the signal not used :-)

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Hi Mike and Richo, I am not sure where it was posted. I have only made about a dozen posts, and I am not familiar with the search posts yet.
Here are the pictures that I sent to Dropbox that are linked in the post.

I am still waiting for an external GPS antenna to come from eBay, with the internal antenna there is virtually no GPS reception indoors and it only ever appears to get lock on only two or three satellites even when there are dozens in view and even those for only short periods of time.
My phone can see many more and lock on them using its internal antenna?

Brian. 1935.

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