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Hi fmuskat,
I just had a look at the signals of your station. There seems to be a lot of noise in the frequency range above 40 kHz. Have you checked how clean the voltage of your power supply is? Here is how you can do it:
(many thanks to user kriu)
Menu " Controller" -> "Signals" tab -> "Signal Tools" -> "Sampling:" -> "Channel: V_in"

The third H channel is mainly for experiments, e.g. with a vertically mounted ferrite antenna, but I think it would be more interesting to add a E field antenna. This one has to be on the roof whereas the ferrite antennas can in principle be mounted inside, but this depends on the type of bulding. It seems that you are in a reinforced concrete building and that may attenuate the signal quite a bit. So if you can, put the antennas on the roof. 

I you cannot get rid of the noise by eliminating the sources, the low pass filters may be an option.
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