East Africa
It's simple really... acquire your Systems, Install them, Bring them online, and the Networking will all follow!
Blitzortung is to be a Global Network, though it is divided into Regions for server processing.
Go For It!
With the data available to Operators you can then proceed to pull out the stations that you choose to utilize for
your 'personal' observations....
Whether you need any filters or other options will be up to you... Blitzortung uses data from about 3 kHz up to approx. 300kHz. As you know most of the impulse energy centered around 13.5lHz ,,, you'd only need low pass filter options if you had a noise source causing 'interference' at a frequency that causes excessive signals, for example, or you wanted to focus on, say 3-30 kHz and weren't interested in the higher frequencies... if you wanted best data on nearer strikes ... 10 - 80km you'd want the higher frequencies.  There is so much activity in cells <about 30kM that the system would likely go interference mode and stop sending... it's designed to do that normally,  there is so much data it becomes useless, unless a system is operating with extremely low gains and very high thresholds, for example.... best data on impulses 30-80 km.

Stations: 689, 791, 1439, 3020

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