How reset user and password System Blue
Hello to all. Unfortunately due to health problems I had to abandon the blue system for a while. Now I'm trying to start over but I can not remember any more user and password to access his web page. Can someone help me reset to log in again? What are user and factory password?
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The first step, the right button of the computer
The second step is to pop up the system properties dialog box and click the control panel home page.
The third step is to adjust the settings and view the small icon.
The fourth step is to find the user account.
The fifth step, click enter user account, click to create password for your account.
The sixth step is to enter your account to create a password, enter the password [new password] and confirm password, and click create password.
The seventh step is to automatically jump to the user account page when creating, then change the password and delete the password. At the same time, administrator users also prompt password protection.
  • RESET: It just restarts your system.
  • BOOT0: Can be used for firmware flashing in DFU-mode over USB (see documentation).
  • BOOT1: Hold this button while pressing reset: Either it enables a special debug mode (short press, then press it again) without hardware watchdog. Or you can reset to default settings when you hold it for several seconds (until long beep).
You may have to attempt a few times... this should put Blue back in 'factory' settings....
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