Housing for System Blue (laser cut/3d print)
(2018-04-13, 22:14)mwaters Wrote:
(2018-04-13, 22:09)readbueno Wrote: I think the aluminium housing provides some shielding from the various sources of noise that we all have about us and I consider it a backward step to remove this added protection!
Brian. 1856 Vilaboa Huh

What tests have you performed to prove that, Brian?  Wink

Brian, if that were necessarily the case, do you really believe I would have my "Blitz Wall' configured as in the above image, Rolleyes within inches of 3 large monitor screens, and within two meters of 5 operating PC Towers, routers, modems etc????  Angel
 In this situation, my junk is H field Antenna, received noise... the Controllers, and E amplifer for the Reds just quietly do their thing.

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