Housing for System Blue (laser cut/3d print)
(2018-01-08, 01:13)higherperspective Wrote: Hi all.

Just got my System Blue built and ready for use, however, I currently don't have a housing for the unit.

I have a laser cutter and access to a 3D printer.

Are there any laser cut files (I will make out of acrylic) or 3D print files available for System Blue so I can make my own housing?

If so, could you please point me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance!

Hi all,
about the system blue housing. Does anyone has pdf files on the front and back panel from the aluminum box. In the hardware index you only find TARGET 3000 files, but my system (MAC) can not read those files. The files can be found here: http://de.blitzortung.org/Compendium/Hardware/.
Thanks in advance!
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