SBAS satellites
Have activated GPS & GLONASS and also SBAS yesterday. I can see always just one SBAS satellit.
The number is always red and there is no receiving level (dB) shown.
The position of my GPS-antenna is not very good. Is that the reason for that only "red" satellite number or is that set by default for SBAS satellites?



28th of Jan 2018... to give myself the answer Big Grin ...
After some days I noticed that from time to time the satellte number of the SBAS changes from red to black and a receiving level was displayed.
So that means my GPS antenna has not the best position but since I added GLONASS there are always a lot of satellites in view and tracked.
73 de Hartmut / DK5LH

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tested it once in the past but never got anything with that option

the info note is pretty clear
Just untick it, you will get better results

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Hi Eric,

was alo just a little bit playing with some features.
But since you never got anything with it it seems that my antenna position is not extremly poor but only poor :-)
73 de Hartmut / DK5LH

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