Radar Interference
(2018-03-08, 18:41)Cutty Wrote:
(2018-03-08, 16:47)mwaters Wrote: What kind of radar could bother us below 60 kHz? Perhaps it's something else.

1509s Interferer appears to be about 5 KHZ predominantly E Channel ... something nearby. should be easily defined. Meanwhile suggest he turn down E field Gains.
[Image: index.php?bo_graph&bo_station_id=14597&b...1520534361]
[Image: index.php?bo_graph&bo_station_id=14597&b...1520534431]

(2018-03-24, 22:14)FridaVomBerg Wrote: My system red station act with very similar signals while transmitting on 160m or 80m HAM radio band with 500Watt PEP power in SSB.
I am still searching to find the reason.
My transmitting antenna is 50m away from my blitzortung station.
With 100Watt PEP power I have no problems.

Maybe the shown signal is a VLF transmitted morse or digital signal.

Martin, DL1RF

Additional investigations show that my Power over Ethernet injection device (nearby under my transmitting antenna) is getting unstable in the 48V regulation while I am transmitting. It seems that the PoE extracting device at the controller side can't stabilize the 5 Volt while 48Volt is unstable causing fluctuations at the Analog Digital Converter unit. I will try to verify this with dedicated measurements. I write this as if this is true other similar signals of stations can be investigated to unstable power supply reason.
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