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Hello. My system Blue is working, but I would like to optimize it and eliminate or try to cut down some of the noise. I am using 2 200mm ferrites which are placed indoors in the same room as the controller. Here are three screen grabs of my signals during a quiet lightning and no "faults" where all 3 LED's are lit. The last trace (channel 2A)seems to me to be the most problematic; it appears as a sawtooth well above 0 volts. Could this be a power supply issue or external rf interference from some yet indeterminate source?

Thanks,  Steve

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Steve, what power supply are you using? 

Please give us some more information on what steps you took to locate and eliminate the noise problem so we don't suggest ones you already tried.

The E looks like power. Where is the probe located? I see you have it set 16x10, try turning it down. Weird part is I don't see any signals being recorded. Do you have anything connected to the input?

Are you running Full auto? Your gains keep going up and down. What is your HP setting?


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Hi Steve. Looks like power supply noise on E-field. Exactly like my E-field before I switched the power supply. Check this:

(2016-07-10, 15:33)kriu Wrote: Wrote:
(2016-07-08, 18:05)Jorgeminator Wrote: Wrote:Any clues where this could originate from? It's the same pattern on both the H-field C-channel and on the E-field. Power supply related? The noise is there even with the antennas unplugged.

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This interference could come from the inverter working in the nearby (even up to 50m) - eg. on-line UPS, solar inverter, etc.

Nope, it was the power supply's fault, both my 1A HTC charger and LG 1.8A charger produced the noise seen above. I picked up the new Apple 12W A1401 power supply today, the noise is now almost completely gone. The fact that the noise was only present on the H-field C-channel and the E-field channel, even with the antennas unplugged, pointed towards a power supply issue.
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Dries: Thanks to you and the others for answering.

I am using a power supply from a Raspberry Pi ( 1 A).  Unfortunately, I cannot find my old AM radio to snoop with. I put some ferrites on the line from the power supply, but that did nothing. My probe is in the same room as the controller. I could locate it up in the attic, but the temperature there can get to 120F quite often with high humidity, and I don't know if the amplifier can handle those conditions. I know that the system is working, as yesterday there were a lot of T-storms crossing the state, and I was on the maps showing activity. I am running Automatic, and the HP settings (visible only an Manual mode) are all OFF.

I did order a new PS from PowerStream, so that may make a difference. Attached is a screen grab from Signal Tools Vin. Not only are there all of those "spikes" (which change in amplitude, but are always there) but the signal itself jumps around.

Again, Thank you...Steve
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(2018-04-17, 11:55)Cutty Wrote:

Thank you for this! Your experience never ceases to amaze me, Mike. And I found this link about your Pesky project ("css thingy"?) at there. That finally gave me the push I needed to consider trying your shielded ferrite antenna design someday.

I would have ordered the ferrite loops and the enclosure too, but all that I could afford was the Blue controller.

I should start reading those older posts, which I shied away from until recently because I assumed they couldn't possibly apply to System Blue. ;-) This tells me that I need to go back and study them even though they date from the System Red and Green days.
Mike W.
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