Use OpenStreetMap as background map
(2018-05-22, 17:38)brunetton Wrote: Hi everybody

First of all, thanks to everyone that made this wonderfull project possible, you're really amazing ! This is one of the most beautiful collaborative projects I know  Heart

But, as a free software developer and defender, I really wonder: why google maps ? I'm surprised to see a commercial map on a collaborative a free project when there's a free and collaborative map available.
Why don't we use OpenStreetMap ? I see many advantages using OSM:

- no fees (google will update their pricing policies in a few months (here is a French article describing this huge fees increase)
- many maps customization (colors, map features, fonts, ...): some examples here and here 

Auxiliary remark: when I look to the dynamic lightnings map, I often wonder "what is the city hidden behind those lights drawings ?" An option to control the lightings overlay would be great to see cities names behind. Note that cities names are often more clear (more names at the same zoom level) in OpenStreetMap than in Google maps !

I'm a developer at [url=URL REMOVED BY ADMIN[/url] and I would be really happy to help to this project !

Bruno Duyé
Hii Bruno Dave...
First, we removed your link to the phone hack application, since can could cause some international issues...

The developers have been considering other basemaps,


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