street and thunder front display
Thunder fronts are the same as always? Regarding streets, this is our standard answer which we used several times in the last weeks: Wink

We are not reliable for the underlying map content (satellite, streets, terrain etc). Until 28th of July we used Google Maps, as Google gave us some free credit for their maps. However, Google raised their prices and changed payment method. It is completely impossible for us to pay these prices. We also tried to find a solution and talked with Google. However, it just don't make sense to pay up to 50 times the money for their maps as we pay for our whole server infrastructure. And we are not the only ones who are affected: See

We now using other maps, i.e. OpenStreetmap or maps based on OpenStreetMap data. All the map sources are now "free" (not commercial), i.e. they can now be published under the terms noted at the bottom of the map. But the maps have different visualizations now and the data may not be so detailed as before. If you think that something on the map is missing, then you can edit the OpenStreetMap data by yourself here: . For more information please look here: Labels like city names are shown or not shown based on algorithms which are defined by the map creators. We can not change that!

Please note that our maps are just for entertainment usage. Please do not use them as a single source when you want to protect life or property. The data comes from 2000 world wide stations build up by volunteers in their free time. The (lightning-)data can be wrong but also the underlying map data.
Stations: 538, 1534, 1712, 2034, 2219

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