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(2018-08-06, 16:58)sunwind Wrote: Hi all, 

I am posting here because I tried to get in touch with Blitzortung but didn’t manage. I am working for a company which owns and operates wind and solar farms. I am an operation supervisor there. I am looking for a solution to detect lightning around our assets in order to protect the people who intervene on the machines. I would thus need to access a real time lighting database. The goal is not to sell anything, only to create alerts to guarantee the safety of the workers on our sites.

Do you think that this use could be aligned with the policy of Blitzortung? We are open on the form (eventually and if it’s necessary to have access to the data we could develop an open platform of alerts using Blitzortung data), and on the way we can participate (from installing detectors to a financial participation).

Thank you for your answers!

sunwind, while it is understandable what you are trying to accomplish, please read this first so you are aware of the implications such as liability in case something should happen. Take note of the part in red.

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