PCB for Blue Station
Hello friends,
Does anyone know if it would be possible to get drawings of different circuits (developed under Eagle or other software)?
Would it also be possible for Egon to put the drawings of the various realases?
This would accelerate the pace of development of stations and relieve Egon by allowing everyone to have them made on its side. Sincerely.
This question, and similar, has been asked and answered many times.  The simple answer is "NO" for proprietary, control and quality reasons.

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I do not really understand the reasons of ownership since schemas are published in various documents on the site. Material evolutions too. So .....
Now for reasons of quality I can only conceive of it. Although there are people who have the opportunity to do industrial quality.
For control, in industrial quality, there are always very extensive tests of verification including the certification of electro-magnetic compatibility.
What happens if third party PCBs have a different behavior, i.e. some additional delay? That can cause big problems, but maybe nobody recognizes that and the whole network will get worse instead of better. Who is responsible for the support of those boards?

It's not just some Raspberry Pi or Arduino board which you use alone and just processing some digital stuff. It's a analogue measurement device, with a precise timer, defined amplifiers and filters for low but wide-band frequencies AND the detection works only because other similar known station does exactly the same as it is part of a station network. In case of a sudden increase of stations there might be even problems in the computing side, because more signals from stations also may produce unwanted results, like more false positives. Finally new stations in regions with a high station density wouldn't increase the efficiency much or may even lower it as described before.

That's why we currently concentrate on uncovered regions like Africa and South America. Orders there have highest priority.
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Hello Egon and the other collaborators,
I just allow myself a question.
I am on a badly covered area, Corsica, where for the moment the only station Nr 1401 (Zicavo) seems to be at a standstill or to provide very little information.
You are a judge and propose to become a new resort on this region.
This may interest you ...
I do not try to take advantage of this to progress more quickly in the table but simply to tell you about the situation.
My rank is actually 5502.
Best regards.
Jean-Luc Rostini.
(2018-08-22, 13:48)JROST Wrote: ~~~
Check your PM

Stations: 689, 791, 1439, 3020
(2018-08-22, 14:20)Cutty Wrote:
(2018-08-22, 13:48)JROST Wrote: ~~~
Check your PM

Good evening Cutty,

Many thanks for your answer.

I've sent a mail to Egon.

Best regards.

Jean-Luc Rostini

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