Ferrite, leads
(2018-09-11, 18:21)de37421 Wrote: I am new, I just got the blue kit.

The ferrite antenna has two bare copper wires.  One wire has an overhand knot, I assume it is to signify that wire is different from the non knotted wire.
Does it make any difference which wire goes to solder pad +1 and which goes to solder pad -1? I read elsewhere that the loop antennas can be attached either way so I think these probably don't matter either.

Concerning the GPS antenna, does it make any difference whether the antenna is amplified or not?  I have ordered one with 25db gain.  https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01KDH...UTF8&psc=1
but it is inexpensive and I can get another if preferable.


David, first, congratulations on getting your system, let the fun begin. Smile

It does not matter which ferrite wire goes where. Most of us put the knotted wire on the + terminal. This way after some experimentation you know from which direction the strokes come from.

As for the GPS antenna, I don't think an amplified one will work, but I might be wrong. You need to provide power to the antenna. I had a look at the schematics and it does not appear that the GPS IC provides power.
This is the one I am using
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