New member, having some problems with H-field big interference bursts..
(2018-10-18, 12:41)dupreezd Wrote:
(2018-10-18, 05:32)Gorzzz Wrote: Hi Guys,
Finally got my station online here in Northern NSW, have followed this thread to adjust the gains like what cutty said, seems to be ok here so far. If anyone can have a look and let me know if any changes need to be made, my controller ID is 2311. Also, I'm having probs with the forum not letting me be a participant for some reason....have done what michidragon did, but it hasn't updated.

Gorzzz, yes your are detecting strokes, but you also have some type interference. Where is your E-Field probe located?

That appears to be a strong mains power component.  IF that is in fact an E channel signal ??? the gain is quite high... I see 10*5.  Whee are the H channels?   ???  I saw no H channel data...???

Reduce the E channel gain to  the level it doesn't trigger on that signal.  Now take a portable AM Radio, tune it to low end of band, off channel, and do a walk around and see if you can fine the arcing transformer, power device, electric fence, security light, street light, whatever, is the source.

Since I'm not seeing any H signals, can't suggest further.
This could be an E probe location problem as Dries asked, this could be a coax cable problem... at least double shielded ... 75 ohm.

The e field is very senxsitive, on my system BLUE I grab a LOT of mains signal in my location with gains higher than 4*2.  The original thinking for E field detection was <800 KM... especially since it does NOT function as an 'antenna', but rather as a 'charge' detector... a Probe...  of the Charge content in the atmosphere (to over simplify).. rather than an 'antenna' to detect the Vertical VLF EM signal.. think about its length... it is extremely short for an antenna.... It MUST be outside, not grounded, at least a couple of meters above earth....

If your Controller is grounded, this could carry to the E coax shield, and you could have a bad controller ground.   try ungrounding the controller... original design callls for BLUE to be ungrounded, but that has proven necesssary in some installlations in some conditions.

I've manually upgraded your Forum status to Participant,.... there appears to be an unresolved issue with data communications between the new Blitzortung servers, and the forum platform... assuming you have in fact configured correctly on the BT server....


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