Propagation... why do I miss some signals?
(2018-10-21, 22:42)vk2him Wrote: .,.. one pedantic point though sticks out with the E Field - Are you sure the probes at different locations sense these changes instantaneously? - I'd think sensing is delayed by propagation though our atmosphere due to the speed of light through our atmosphere. I know Quantum mechanics allows for instantaneous transmission over an unlimited distance due to Quantum entanglement, however I don't think the E/A capacitor falls into that category?

Without all the advanced physics possibilities, ... which I've no understanding, .... like, "how fast is gravity?"
... let's just assume propagation at C, ... then it's more about this... which I can wrap my teeny old brain around: Big Grin the location of the device (antenna or probe) the probe responds instantaneously to it's environmental charge,  as opposed to antenna 'delays'...
as in  E Charge H Magnetic  with E also, in a manner of speaking,  reflecting a better 'energy content' image of the impulse, especially in 'pre-discharge' time
[Image: instantE%20vrs%20M.png]

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