Station don't appear in Stations List
(2018-10-30, 16:54)Meteofontes Wrote:
(2018-10-30, 16:43)DelandeC Wrote: Did you add your station to your account?
Note that there are currently some issues with the database...

yes... i had it already for some weeks working fine and in the station list... 
just wanted to now if need to do something, after these server problems...
It looks like it's registering lightnings.. in lightningmaps, i can see it go green with every lightning detected.
It's just missing form the Station list.. but it looks its working fine.

My station (and everyone else's), has the same issue. See this thread for the latest updates.
We just need to be patient while Tobi, Egon, and Richo work through this and get it all back up and running.
Mike W.
Stations: 1977, 2294

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