Station don't appear in Stations List
I just tried the "delete station and re-add station" technique but it didn't work. My station was deleted and then re-added but nothing appears in the list.

I tried to access the status link ( but I am told that I don't have permissions to access that page or my account may need activation (again?).

It's a bit frustrating though, after many months of waiting for my Blue kit, building it and getting it working, only to find my data is currently being ignored. ;-)  And this Friday we are expecting thunderstorm here in the UK. It would be nice to see my green dot appearing for real.

I guess we will all have to be patient until the database recovery is complete.

It would be helpful if there was a status page on the user-only part of the website that kept us informed of current status and then, maybe, we wouldn't be posting our frustrations here.

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