Station Isn't Recognized. Not on List. ETC
(2019-06-26, 03:24)bwreed Wrote: User Name: BWREED
Station Number: 2515
Region... North America

User ID: 1939.  All station info is correct.  Anony = N.  Station does show on but not on Blitzortung.  Station details on LightningMaps does not show station as active though it is recording strikes and sending the good ones.  TIA


I can find you as a station operator on Lightninmaps, as 2526/19*39 ..but cannot find you as a station.  I also cannot receive any signals from 2515 on the Sferics.,US signals page... which means 2515 does not exist on the BLITZORTUNG station database...  examine this:
On your Blitzortung station operator's page, station setup, make sure you've entered the correct  device ID... check against your controller GUI status page:

[Image: 25151.jpg]

[Image: 25152.jpg]

IF the DEVICE IDs match,(no dashes) and"N" is entered,do nothing..this is an issue for EGON.
If it doesn't match your operator's page (no dashes)
then that's probably the reason, --The server isn't recognizing you.
(gui will show dashes ,Station Config page no dashes)
IF That's the case, you need to delete the improper station...

Scroll down a bit... check delete and save
[Image: 25153.jpg]

Then scroll back to the top, and register a new station  device, and save... you'll probably get  a new station number, also...

[Image: 25154.jpg]

The ONLY Wyoming station I can find listed is  2526, Cheyenne.

Stations: 689, 791, 1439, 3020

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