Station Isn't Recognized. Not on List. ETC
(2019-06-26, 15:47)cutty Wrote:
(2019-06-26, 03:24)bwreed Wrote: User Name: BWREED
Station Number: 2515
Region... North America

User ID: 1939.  All station info is correct.  Anony = N.  Station does show on but not on Blitzortung.  Station details on LightningMaps does not show station as active though it is recording strikes and sending the good ones.  TIA


I can find you as a station operator on Lightninmaps, as 2526/19*39 ..but cannot find you as a station.  I also cannot receive any signals from 2515 on the Sferics.,US signals page... which means 2515 does not exist on the BLITZORTUNG station database...  examine this:
On your Blitzortung station operator's page, station setup, make sure you've entered the correct  device ID... check against your controller GUI status page:

[Image: 25151.jpg]

[Image: 25152.jpg]

IF the DEVICE IDs match,(no dashes) and"N" is entered,do nothing..this is an issue for EGON.
If it doesn't match your operator's page (no dashes)
then that's probably the reason, --The server isn't recognizing you.
(gui will show dashes ,Station Config page no dashes)
IF That's the case, you need to delete the improper station...

Scroll down a bit... check delete and save
[Image: 25153.jpg]

Then scroll back to the top, and register a new station  device, and save... you'll probably get  a new station number, also...

[Image: 25154.jpg]

The ONLY Wyoming station I can find listed is  2526, Cheyenne.

Thanks Mike.  The Device and Processor IDs MATCH.  When I login on LightningMaps and pull up my station info it displays:

Here you can find statistics of the TOA lightning detection station Hulett.
  • Id: 2515
  • Firmware: 0.0
  • Controller: 19.5
  • Amplifier: H1 / E1
  • Antenna 1: Loop, diameter=707mm, windings=4
  • Antenna 4: Electric field, length=50mm
  • Comment: Testing
General statistics of the last hour
  • Station active: no
  • Last active: 12.6 minutes ago
  • Last update: 12.6 minutes ago
  • Last detected stroke: None
  • Last signal: -
So they think the station exists and the info is correct.  However, the station does not list on LightningMaps nor on BO.  My guess is it's an EGON problem to solve.  Do I need to do anything to make him aware???

Thanks again for your help.


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