Station Isn't Recognized. Not on List. ETC
(2020-08-14, 12:49)dupreezd Wrote:
(2020-08-14, 08:14)Slavkowski Wrote:
(2020-08-12, 18:18)dupreezd Wrote:
(2020-08-12, 18:03)Slavkowski Wrote: User name: slavkowski (2086)
Station: 2774
Region: Europe

1. I'm not able to assign station to user. I've been trying to assign my new station to my account since yesterday but somehow it didn't work.
2. How I Can change my status to: Participant?
Status updated
Is there a chance you give me a hint about my first problem?
I tried to tied my station(Processor-ID) to my account but still it didn't work.
Did you plug your controller Device-ID number, (Connect to your controller and scroll to Controller/CPU)

into the Processor-ID field of your BO profile? Just the numbers, no dashes (-).
Yes, I tried several times put Device-ID from Controller/CPU to "Assign a new Station (Processor-ID) in my profile. Every time I got notification that Processor-ID has been added. But i don't see any changes. Still my station is no assigned.

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