Station Isn't Recognized. Not on List. ETC
(2020-08-16, 23:34)Rejean Wrote: User 1968 (Rejean)
Station 2521
Region: North America, Canada, Ontario, Whitby

Station no longer appears as active / participating
Note: There may be 2 database entries.  The original active one showed 2 ferrites, and latter one E-Field only.
H-Field preamp fried and only using E-Field now for moment.

Should I go to the site and delete my data and re-register my unit ?
I'm in middle of major lightning here, but the graph there shows nothing since end of July.
Even though my H-Fields are out, I have E-Field working which is suppose to be sending.
On the page, i see two entries for my station 2521.
The one which has my E-Field  24inch shows some graph, but it is not coming from my station.
Any suggestions to get me back on again ?


UPDATE Aug31-2020 :  Got stuff working again !!! 
I replaced the 3x  THS4531 chips on the H-Preamp, (these got fried somehow and only had E-field working),
and I started getting H-filed signals again at the controller.
I emporarily disabled the "Need Authentication" and enabled the "Guest" on the controller's web interface.
I then logged into the site, and again added my device ID. 
Yeppie !!!  the web page portion to enter antenna info etc now appeared. 
I entered the info, changed Anonym from Y to N, saved it, and then presto ... my controller now shows my user ID which it didn't earlier.

Things now appear to be somewhat back to normal.

User 1968 (Rejean)
Station 2521
Region: North America, Canada, Ontario, Whitby

Station: 2521

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