Station Isn't Recognized. Not on List. ETC
(2023-07-09, 00:36)IanL01 Wrote:
(2023-07-05, 13:25)cutty Wrote: Usually this happens when a station as been off-line at the last Blitzortung update, the last time Tobi synced LMO with Blitzortung (which are being constantly revised) you would be out of sync in the LMO listings. Note that Blitzortung is revising 'reporting region' assignments and other parameters. You want to use the tools available on the Blitzortung site,
Your station 1559 is currently assigned to report strikes in 4 region servers, which Lightningmaps does not read, as yet.
1559 Japan 1
1559 Oceania 1
1559 Asia 1
1559 Japan 2

Thanks for the update. So its just a matter of waiting for the assignment to be updated/revised and a sync to take place, is that correct.
This thread is for listings on the Main servers, NOT, so I cannot speak to when Tobii will re-address, for the umpteenth time, the databases and processing on the adjunct He wisely isn't updating all/many of the databases and processes etc, with all the revisions going on with the Blitzortung regional computing servers... un-necessary work until Egon finalizes all the modifications... . For example, the network now computes to a very large number of 'regional' signal/stroke assignments, LMO basically assigning to only 3, awaiting stabilization of new definitions, etc.  I suggest you use and review the official data available on the 'official' site.

Stations: 689, 791, 1439, 3020

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