Solder bridge location for PCB 17.x
(2019-01-10, 04:31)hazelnut Wrote: The docs say:

Quote:Due to a small manufacturer's breakdown on Panel 20.5, the printed circuit board next to the E-field preamplifier is not connected to the input of the E-field preamplifier. Here, either a small solder bridge must be set or a corresponding antenna must be connected to the input.

I've got PCB 17.1 2016-03-20 (from the overall PCB 20.6) and can't find any obvious location to add the solder bridge, is this still required for current revisions, and if so where do you place it?

Also, for the ground terminal on the case, do you need to solder a connection to the 19.x PCB somewhere for good contact or is it sort-of connected via the case -> Ethernet jack contact?

They are talking about he E-Field antenna board that can be snapped off and discarded.

You can snap off the antenna and use your own E-Field antenna or if the trace is missing in the snap joint you can make a solder bridge.

If you have 20.6, the defect may have been corrected, just check the trace is missing or test to see if you have continuity from the antenna to pin 1 of the antenna connector.


For the ground there is a hole between the H and E field connectors on the board. Should be marked GND.
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