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(2019-03-19, 04:39)Egon Wrote: Hello,

the detector 2399 was something special. It was the first detector registered exclusively for South America. All other stations for South America work also for North America. The signal display on was not designed for this case yet, but is now working:

I also added the station to Oceania and North America. Note that in the station list on stations are displayed multiple times if your signals are used for several regions.

The ration is calculated extra for each region. Other makes no sense. Tobias will certainly soon adopt the new regions of South America, Africa and Asia (now also as a separate region, previously only in combination with other regions).

The other detectors for the new region South Americal I will additionally extended to South America  next week, when I am back to Germany. The computation for South America is currently done by the computation for north america. If it is a separate region, the calculation can be fine-tuned by, for example, allowing fewer stations to calculate an impact.

Cook island is a very important place for us, please notify me immediately if there are problems with this station. The signal looks very good for now.


Hi Egon, thank you so much - every thing is working fine so far no more complain - wish you a good and relaxing time where ever you go!
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