Any source for lightning strikes?
I have a dog that is very afraid of thunder. So much so that she starts getting anxious when she see's just the flash of light from a lightning strike, even if we never even hear the thunder or it's very faint. Links deleted.

Given this, I would like to setup an automation that will turn on the lights in the room she sleeps in at night if there is a lightning strike within X miles, then turns them off if there isn't another strike within a certain time frame. This will at least ease and/or delay her anxiety when storms come at night, since she will be less likely to see the light from the lightning (blinds on the window will be closed already).
I have all the hardware to do this; I use SmartThings, and the lights are on a zwave switch. The part I'm having the most trouble with is a data source for the lightning strikes. Is there a website or RSS feed that I could tap into with IFTTT or soemthing?

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