Region 3 Stations
Did a Region 3 (Americas) 'audit' earlier today.. Below are stations 'inactive', or not reporting...some may have cleared by now...However, if you're listed, might check your controkller, whatever...  especially those "running"
but no signals...
If you've a malfunction, or need help, start a thread at 'internal/troublshootingl'.. not public.. at
If your station is permanently offline, please go to your operator's page, and 'delete' the station.. and drop me a PM if you would..  thanks..
If 'below' is temporary, or has been resolved, why not drop me a PM, and I'll update some of the Data on Sferics.Us as needed......thanks..
[Image: NON%20fimctioning%2004302019.png]
Yes, some report to multiple regions..

This list does NOT include stations inactive prior to December2018.  If your station is offline, dead, whatever, not listed, and you want it back online, you'll need to 'restart' your station, and possibly have to go into you operator';s [age and 'add it back' if it's not shown.
LIGHTNINGMAPS will likely NOT pick up the change to the BT Database, currently.

Stations: 689, 791, 1439, 3020
UPDATE MAY 29 2019

[Image: BtDead05292019.png]

Note, PM OR EMAIL Cutty, thread is Not open for posting.

Stations: 689, 791, 1439, 3020

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