Blitzortung Controller
(2019-05-07, 13:52)dupreezd Wrote:
(2019-05-07, 13:16)Aelita Wrote: I'm somewhat confused on what a lot of the colours and letters mean on the controller since there's no guide for it.

In he gain menu, what does "Disable noise adaption" and "Disable auto amplif. filter" actually mean? What exactly do they do? What does HP on/off mean and what does it do?
On the signals page, what does L and LP mean? Why do the letters turn red? Why does the GPS time sometimes turn red?

Aelita, these questions have been discussed on the Internal forum. To gain access, please logon to your BO profile page and register your station to become an operator.


I'm pretty sure I already registered my station but I'm not seeing any new sections on the forum. I still see the station on the blitzortung map though.
Station: 2417
Stations: 2417

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