Electric fence interference
Seems like there are several types of the 'fence' installations...
From following for several years...
1.  One type can develope an open, or intermittent on a 'ground' return cable. Fauloty inksulators, corroded 'hot' lines.
     I recall the 'buried' RF type being susecpitalo to something similar... intermittent  radiator cable.  that tyoe of thing.
2.  Some have adjustable intensity, and can be 'dialed' down to still be effective, but 'emit' less.
3.  Foliage or other contact with fence.
3/ Some can be changed from 'pulse' to 'continuous'...

I seem to recall one situation using a 'solar' driven 'fence' with noise from the power supply... confused memory on what the fix was, but I thinki he mounted the panel on fiberglass/pvc rather than metal. earth support.  I think he may have tried a 'Faraday' at one point enclosing the modules.

One thing  to keep in mind... Generally, about all it takes is to get those 'noise' pulses below 'trigger' levels... and set your 'don't send' percentage a bit higher perhaps if you' got it set >10%... (I think default is ' 10%")  so if a channell triggers at 100 mv, other channels below 90 mv won't send the lower signal... and  trigger, perhaps, a false positive. or double strike perhaos... etc.

If it's electrical 'spark', not near field magnetic, experiment with some shielding approaches... for H field.. won't help with E field however.   The "Pesky Box" seems a bit more effective on very short 'sparks;'...
and utilized with the "CSS Thingy" ferrite build, with it's slightly better efficiency, has helped greatly on some 'interferers' in my 'noisy' environment.. The CSS Thingy appears to help slightly with what appear to be Horizontally polarized 'near field' magnetic.
http://sferics.us/misc/CSS%20Thingie%201b.pdf  (50mb). There is a "V2" also, a few of us use... with the 'rod' sections first inserted in a thin' heat shring' for added stability, then the  'core shield'... Both variations are effective, but I don't think the V2 is quited as efficient in terms of response time... a bit closer to a 'normal' build than the owriegeinal V1 with it's 2-4 µsec response improvement.
All three of my stations now use CSS Thingy ferrite builds ...

Stations: 689, 791, 1439, 3020

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