Lightning Types Blitzortung Hardware Detects
(2019-07-16, 17:03)mwaters Wrote: Well said. To be clear,  I didn't mean to imply that all blue dots are C-C. Just the ones I described that were in my general vicinity a few times with the sounds that I described.

Any thought on that sound?

C Channel on H field... simply as a 'third channel' for Delta Config... or, Hopefully, mounted for reception of Horizontally polarized impulses.. (Convential setup is for reception Vertically Polarized impulses)..

As such, it would function as an Omni H field antenna, requiring only the one pointing vertically... had little or nothing do do with specifically 'CC/IC types...  remember, anybody can "receive"... but takes 4 minmum indepent station signals to determine and plot a stroke.. Receiving of sferics/noise/discharges/EM Activity, done by individule station, "Detection (recognition/Identification) and then 'locating, done by NETWORK Tracker/server from signal data of multiple stations.

I suppose those short duration, no 'crackle' Booms could be 'IC/CC' or atmospheric discharge, or almost anything else that doesn't have a loud echo...a Bolide Meteor (yes, I've trackied at least 2 meteor trails skiipping in and out of upper air, producing discharges... or beileve them to be... wish i had 'film'... .  or simply a distant discharge where the 'echoes' and 'less intense secondaries simply don't audibly make it through current air content..

Stations: 689, 791, 1439, 3020

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