Testing detecting range
(2020-04-13, 09:34)S_beast Wrote: Hello everyone.
Currently I have heard a several lightings in my neighbourhood (around 1km), but it seems that my station is not involved in registering them. Shouls I worry or I did something wrong?
Station 2643.

No relax. 
Your system should, and probably does, go into interference with activity that near.  Bliitzortung is NOT a warning system.It is a network for location of  strokes. Most cells with intense activity closer than 30 Km, for exaample. should do that.  One reason, the system is so sensitivity, that the heavy activity becomes virtually useless for locating, that close. Accept i9nterference mode in that situation,... the rest of the network should cover your nearby activity.  hen you'll help with them if the situation is reversed. Over the years I've managed to detect a single 3km stroke, and one 6km stroke, with my H channels off, and the E channels at virtual 0 gain... heh.

Stations: 689, 791, 1439, 3020

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