Blue Board L104 C605 Detached
(2019-09-02, 19:26)Benedict.Smith Wrote:
(2019-08-30, 03:44)kevinmcc Wrote: Lead free solder is a regulatory thing for commercial manufactures.

Most repair techs use lead solder, just better to use.

We switched to lead free where I work almost a decade ago, these days I only ever use tin/lead if I am working on valve equipment.
Once you get used to it the modern lead free solder is just as easy to use as tin/lead and a lot less toxic!

I agree. I use a temperature-controlled iron and SnCuAg solder. The small amount of silver lowers the melting temperature and prevents tin whiskers.

But 60/40  or 63/37 leaded solder flows and wets better than the above.
Mike W.
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