Additional detection of sound?
(2020-02-03, 15:20).mwaters Wrote: That's pretty interesting, Kevin! I have always wanted to build a seismograph. Smile

But this can do much more than just detect the earth shaking. And it ought to, for those prices.

I have two of their Seismographs, a 1D and a 4D.

One in my house in Illinois and one in my mother's house in Iowa about 60 miles away.

They are very sensitive and work.

If you want one, I'd get the 1D unless you live in areas like Central California or Japan.

The 4D costs $160 more, due to the 3 large movement sensors which are only useful if you live in a very active area like Central California or Japan.

The 1D costs $215 which includes every thing you need other than Raspberry Pi and power supply.

The case is a must have in my opinion and very well made.
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